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Backgroundand Facts

Forthose who are not familiar with the term Sensa,it actually refers to a most recent diet programme for the control of one’sweight, and it is a “product” developed by the Sensa Products. When it comes toits characteristics, sensa refers to an additive that is employed tocomplement the diet and “soften”, i.e. curb one’s appetite. The principle that has been taken into account when this substance was produced is that withdiminishing the overall appetite of a person in question, there also comes thedecrease in the food cravings and ultimately brings about the loss of excessiveweight. Its make up is calorie-free and is combined with every meal a personeats. As far as its effect is concerned, it functions by way of influencing one’ssense of smell, as well as taste, which in turn induces the feeling of fullnessand satiety long before you have finished up with your meal. Given the factthat this is a fairly new product, many have doubts as to whether it works, orif this is just another in line of “bogus” weight control products, used to lure people having trouble with it into emptying their wallets andpockets?


Thisspecific product, used in order to shake of those extra pounds, ismade of various organic and chemical compounds, and is acquirable in the formof a powder that is to be spread over the food you are about to eat. Among thevital constituents are such as Silica, Maltodextrin, Tricalcium Phosphate,Carmine, FD&C Yellow 5, and numerous artificial flavors, as well asthose of natural origin. All of the previously mentioned have an essential roleto play when it comes to curbing one’s hunger cravings. Another important thingto bear in mind is that this substance contains no calories whatsoever, nordoes it contain any gluten or sodium.

Effectiveor Not?

Allthat has been said above does make Sensa product stand out from itscompetition, but is it really that effective as its manufacturers suggest?According to the newest clinical trial, more than 1400 people who have beentested exhibited most positive results. Those using Sensa excessive weight losssystem managed to ward off no less than 30.5 pounds in just half of a year timeperiod, whereas those who have not used it managed to make a moderate weightloss of 2 pounds. Though these results may seem incredible, additional judgingand research still have to be done in order to confirm them.

Although, the results predict a bright future for this product, and although it has alreadybeen given a go by the USFDA, many doctors still hesitate in recommending it andadvise people to opt for natural food for weight loss instead. One of thereasons is that Sensa only curbs the feeling of hunger, but enables you to eatall the food you wish at the same time. This induces a rapid weight loss, whichis not all that healthy for your body and organism.

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