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Information on Valerian

Valerian tea gets extracted from the root of the valerianplant. It is enjoyed by many because of its numerous different health benefits.Valerian is also sometimes referred to as garden heliotrope. It is a floweringplant which grows from June to September and it can grow up to four feet inheight. It is characterized by pointed leaves and pink bloom.

Many centuriesago it was used for the production of perfumes because of the strong aroma ofits flowers. It can also be used for numerous different types of medicinalpurposes. It is well known as a potent treatment for those who suffer frominsomnia. It helps the person relax and fall asleep much more easily.

Unlikeall the other cures for insomnia available on the market it does not cause anyhangover upon waking up. Valerian can also be of great help in preventing andtreating numerous different types of headaches. One must take valerian inspecific dosage because any excess dosage may lead to certain major types ofadverse effects. Valerian is also of great benefit to cats as well.

Valerian Tea Benefits

Valerian tea can be characterized by a very unique tastewhich can be described as a blend of spicy, sweet, and bitter. It also has avery characteristic strong smell.

The valerian tea has been used in traditionalChinese and Indian medicine for numerous centuries. It is made from valerianleaves and root. It has very potent tranquilizing and calming properties so itcan be used for the treatment of insomnia, just like the valerian root.

Valeriantea is also very efficient in calming the central nervous system which is ofgreat help for those who have problems with obsessive-compulsive disorder,attention deficit disorder and panic attacks. It benefits the circulatorysystem by lowering the blood pressure as well. It can also be very beneficialin relieving numerous different types of menstrual problems such as stomachcramps.

Valerian tea is of great help when it comes to the improving of thefunctioning of the digestive system because it prevents abdominal spasms andirritable bowel movements. It can also be efficient in treating injuredmuscles, muscle spasms and fibromyalgia. When taken in excess doses it may leadto certain adverse effects such as drowsiness.

Valerian Tea Recipe

Valerian tea is made from 10 cups of boiling water, six bagsof chamomile tea, 1 capsule of valerian root and 2 tablespoons of honey.

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