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Human Growth Hormone: Facts

The human growth hormone, or,abbreviated, HGH, is a hormone involved in the development of ourbody. It is massively produced before we are 21 years old, afterwhich it gradually starts decreasing, having a great effectupon our body once again. Namely, while we are young, our growth anddevelopment is greatly stimulated by this hormone. However, once itstops being produced in these quantities, our body gradually startsdeteriorating, or, enters a process we often refer to as aging.Subsequently, the older you get, the older your body gets, since lessHGH is produced. Nevertheless, recent scientific research has shown that there is a connection between this hormone and weightloss. Namely, obese people have lower levels of HGH and thus cannotlose their excessive weight easily. With increased levels of thishormone, they would be capable of losing weight much easier and withincomparably more success, turning much of their lost fat to muscles.

HGH and Weight Loss

Even though this hormone was usedbefore for the same purposes, large doses were given to the obesepeople who undergo testing resulting in countless side effectslike high blood pressure, joint pain, swelling and diabetes.

However, the key to success in weightloss with the human growth hormone lies in the correct, smalldosage. Those people, who were given small amounts of HGH for a periodof nine months, lost 5 pounds and maintained this weight for thewhole period, without making any changes to their lifestyles.

Also, their good cholesterol levelswere increased significantly, giving more rises to the effectivenessof this experiment. Truly, HGH can influence one's weight loss onceapplied in the right manner. At the same time, this, smaller dosagedid not influence the onset of diabetes in any way. Moreover, womenresponded to this experiment much better than men did, since theirHGH levels were far lower than those found in males.

All in all, there is potential in thisresearch. However, this human growth hormone area is still to bediscovered. For now, these remarkable breakthroughs give us hope thatone day we can control our body weight by ensuring a proper dosage ofHGH in our body. However, until that day comes, before you thinkabout using hormones for controlling your weight, you better consultwith your doctor, since any irregularities in their usage may resultin serious side-effects.

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