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Shocking buteffective

It might not be onanybody’s mind, but this specific therapy, or remedy, has been in use for along time. It may not be appealing or convenient, but it hasnevertheless proven its effectiveness. The remedy in question is none otherthan urine. Its use for medicinal andcosmetic purposes is also familiar as the urine therapy (also urotherapy anduropathy). Given its nature, the liquid substance in question has been around as the medicinal cure for thousands of years and has been employed worldwide.

The following mightnot be appealing, as already stated, nor even remotely acceptable by great manypeople, but the therapy in question is rooted in the skin massage with onechange – instead of essential and aromatic oils, the person is to use his/herurine. Having acne in mind,they represent, so to speak, eruptions occurring as a direct consequence of theskin inflammation. They do not make any specific distinction between thevarious parts of the body, preferring some more to other, but they follow a morerandom pattern – occurring just about anywhere.


The first andforemost benefit of this therapy is that it is a completely financiallyundemanding one. This means it is always free of charge, given the fact thatthe person makes use of the urine s/he produces. It functions as follows: aperson in question ought to apply the first morning urine on the face by meansof cotton ball or some other similar “tool”. No matter how repulsive it may be,it is nevertheless regarded as one of quite efficient natural cures for acne. Usually,when attempting to disguise or make the acne and the scaring they leave lessvisible, people tend to employ numerous more extreme techniques such as thelaser procedure, which is more than pricey. But instead of wasting the “financialresources”, one can simply opt for this free, natural and highly effectiveremedy.

Urine therapyrevealed

Though the word therapy generally evokes an uncomfortablefeeling due to having to deal with a lot of pointers and rules, the urinetherapy is based in only a couple of extremely uncomplicated steps. These arethe following:

Catchthe midstream urineKeepit in a containerUsethe cotton ball to apply it to the “sore” spots, no matter where they are onthe bodyLeaveit be for a couple of minutes and wash up

Important to pointout is that, in the process of drying out, the urine produces no unbearablesmells, nor after it has dried out completely. The urine that has spent more than a day in the container is effective in treating of those spotsdarker in color.

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