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Rash is a rather frequent skin condition. It can affect each and every part of the body. This means that even the elbows can be covered in rash. There are actually numerous causes of rash on the elbows. It can, for example, develop as a consequence of an allergy, specific clothing material or be a feature of certain medical condition. Identifying the underlying cause and soothing of the affected skin are primary goals for all the patients suffering from rash on the elbows. The definitive diagnosis and the actual cause can be only set by a specialist- dermatologist so many people do turn to their doctors once the rash on the elbows has occurred.

Causes of Elbow Rash

Identifying of the actual cause of elbow rash can ease the treatment and reduce the symptoms and signs in patients who have to deal with this type of rash. In many people elbow rash is caused by allergy to clothing. Just by simple avoidance of specific fabric one can get rid of this type of rash. However, allergy to clothing is not the underlying cause in all the patients suffering from elbow rash. Additional causes include other types of allergies (to medications, food and cosmetics as well as allergies to certain herbs and plants), friction of the affected skin and clothing, insect bites, sweating of the affected area and finally, underplaying causes may be connected to certain skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, shingles etc.

Symptoms of Elbow Rash

Symptoms of rash on the elbows include redness of the affected skin, itching sensations which vary from mild to severe in intensity and red patch which looks like a burn. In severe cases the rash on the elbows may also include blisters and fluid oozing. Furthermore, rash on the elbows may be in a form of dry and peeling skin patch. Skin changes may be painless, tender and rather painful.

Treatment for Elbow Rash

In mild cases, home remedies may help in elimination of all the symptoms of rash on the elbows. The skin changes are not supposed to be scratched no matter how itchy they are. Scratching can only lead to spread of the rash to the nearby skin or it can cause bacterial superinfection.

It is recommendable for one to wash the affected area with cool water. Only mild soap is allowed. Ice compresses can sooth the itching sensations. Aloe vera is excellent in soothing of the rash. It can be easily applied in a form of gel. And finally, olive oil can also be effective in treatment of elbow rash. It is usually applied right before a person goes to bed.

A person is due to visit his/ her doctor in case the rash lingers for a week, if the skin changes are painful, if there is any sign of infection of the affected area, if a person develops high fever, blisters filled with pus and severe itching. Even spread to the surrounding area requires to be reported to the doctor.

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