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For those of us who have tried many ways to rid themselves of the dark circles under their eyes and failed, then surgery might be the answer to their problems. But is surgery the appropriate option in order to do so?
However, before one commits to undergoing such an operation, one should first learn some facts and information about dark circle surgery. As with all surgical operations, there are risks, so this is a fact that should be considered before committing to surgery.
Surgery and circles under the eyes
Many procedures exist that claim to rid one of dark circles under the eyes. Type of procedure will depend on the underlying cause of the dark circles. For those who are suffering from dark circles that are caused by hyperpigmentation, there might be a simple solution. Bleaching creams and laser or grafting procedures can also be used. Hyperpigmentation refers to an increase in the production of melanin in the skin. For this problem, one might employ the use of chemical peels, topical bleach creams, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, or intense pulsed light.
These treatments might lead to pain. Selection of the right procedure will of course depend on the type of ones skin, and the goals that you wish to achieve with the surgery. If pain does occur as a result of these procedures, then some pain killers can be prescribed in order to alleviate this pain. Some of the treatments named earlier, such as the administration of a topical bleach cream, do not lead to pain.
Eye surgery risks and recovery
As mentioned earlier, there are some potential risks when it comes to surgery to treat dark circles under the eyes. Patients might be exposed to the potential risk of experiencing either hyper or hypopigmentation as a result of certain surgical treatments. This condition can lead to the appearance of white spots, or even a darkening of the circles under the eyes. After any surgical procedure, care should be taken to avoid and prevent the onset of infection. Other risks of these surgical procedures include bruising, bleeding, blistering, or even permanent scarring.
Results of the surgery will be more or less permanent depending on how you treat yourself and the type of habits you undertake after the procedure is completed. If you are exposed to the sun or use medication, then you could be at risk of causing hyperpigmentation to occur. It should be remembered that positive results are not guaranteed with regard to this operation.

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