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Tummy Tuck Procedure

There are the numerous side effects to this procedure, so there are some alternatives to this surgery that may be a good solution. The excess skin located in the lower abdomen is removed during the procedure of abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, which results in a lean abdomen. This is considered to be major procedure, but it is done only as a last resort. Also, before deciding if it is an option for you, know that it is not advised if you plan babies. Several side effects are possible after the procedure and this is one of the reasons why the surgery is becoming less and less popular.


One of the possible alternatives is the cosmetic procedure called liposuction, which removes the excess fat with the use of suction. A small tube is inserted through the made incision, and suction can be performed. Aspirator is used for removing or sucking out the fat cells. This procedure is not limited to one area of the body and it can be performed wherever you desire, which is not the case with tummy tuck procedure. Also, tummy tuck scars can be larger, unlike small ones that are created after the liposuction. The chances of an infection and loss of fluid or blood are reduced and very rare. This is maybe the best alternative to tummy tuck. Next alternative is the thermage, which is a procedure that involves frequency radio waves. The production of collagen in the skin is stimulated by these waves. The skin layers are heated by radio waves, while the ones located near the surface become cooler and in this way, the renewal of the skin is stimulated. Wrinkles and sagged skin are problems against which this technique is very effective. It is also important to know that the recovery time does not exist. The last alternative we will mention is the natural sculpting system. This procedure gives overnight results, but the opinions about this procedure are divided. While some say this is no more than a scam, others state that it is very effective technique. A lotion, made by the mixture of bladderwrack, yarrow, rosemary, green tea and urea, is put on one area of the body, or the whole body. The gel is applied with the use of sculpting cloth, in a thin layer and it must be left on during the night, but it is important to remember that hot shower must be taken prior to the application of the gel. This will help in opening of the pores. No proof is present that this procedure really gives results, but since there are no side effects and since all the ingredients are natural, there are no reasons why not to give this technique a go. Remember that every procedure needs supervision and the use of a proper diet and to exercising regularly can only provide additional help.

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