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Tummy Tuck

We will talk about a surgery that takes absolutely no time in the hospital forrecovery. This is why many people avoid the surgery, but you do not have to thinkabout this if you plan to do a tummy tuck procedure. Still, the recovery will be needed.

We will focus on this problem. The supervision lasting from 24 to 48 hours isneeded after the operation and during this period the unusual occurrences are searchedfor. When this period ends, the patient has to visit a doctor for check ups. Thefirst check up is done one day after the surgery. During these check ups, thedoctor tries to find something unusual and to see if the surgery went fine. Thenext check up is done after a week, then after a month. Then check ups after three, six and twelve months follow. During these checkups in the laterperiod, the doctor will monitor the development of the scar. The size of a scaris usually around 15cm, but over time it becomes smaller.

After the surgery,analgesics may represent additional expense. They are taken for the mild painthat may arise. Usually patients can return to work after a week, but this isnot always the case. The activities of a patient are not affected by thisoperation, since there is no pressure applied on the scar, but try not to makemore strenuous activities in the first few weeks. By just a small restraint from the activities, a patient can be fully recovered in a very small amount of time.

The Procedure

Before the surgery, a blood test is performed in order to see if the allergicreaction is a possible danger. There are two types of a tummy tuck. The first oneis a fully, involving a bigger incision, while the second is mini and it involves a smaller incision. Anesthesia is used during the procedure, but thedoctor will see which one is needed, local or general. The mini tummy tuckoperation involves a 15cm long incision made horizontally or curvy above thepubic region. The stitches are made for holding the abdomen, but they areremoved after a week.

Scar is something that troubles thepotential patients, but doctors can make them as less visible as possible. Andsince the scar is located in a hidden place, this may not be a considerateproblem. Also, it is important to note that this procedure can be combined withothers, like liposuction. By doing this, the scar made will be fully used. Forthe end, we advise you to use services of an experienced professional, since the sizeof the scar will depend on this factor.

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