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General information on liposuction of inner thigh

The area of the inner thigh is commonly packed with fat deposits and is an area of particular concern for a majority of women who are planning to undergo liposuction surgery. Even, some males demand liposuction of the inner thigh. Liposuction of the inner improves the silhouette of the thigh in a significant amount and it also reduces the amount of rubbing together of the inner thighs, which leads to less sores and other complications. If the surgery was conducted well, there should be no significant waviness or irregularity of shape in the thigh, and no visible marks that would be telltale signs that a surgical procedure had occurred.

Liposuction in the region of inner thighs and inner knees

It is common to treat inner thighs and inner knees at the same time. This is done because a majority of women that want liposuction of the thighs also have fat that extends all the way to the inner knee. If these regions are treated separately, the result be unevenness at the area where no liposuction is done, that is, the area between the inner thigh and the inner knee. When liposuction of both these areas is needed, as is usually the case, then treatment of both areas combined and regarded as a whole allows for complete liposuction and yields much better results.

Results depend on the size of the cannula

Liposuction is not unlike sculpting, and it cannot be rushed if the goal is to achieve satisfying results. Diameter of the used cannula will make all the difference. Large cannulas will cause visible irregularities on the surface of the skin, because the suction will not be equal in all areas. The trick is that fat of the inner thighs can be sucked out very quickly and very easy, as it contains minute amounts of fibrous tissue and is very soft, like jelly. Use of large – diameter cannulas or lack of attention will easily lead to excess liposuction in some areas, leaving behind what can be described as craters. With use of small diameter cannulas, the liposuction process is more slow and more gradual, incremental. This allows for precise control of the process and results in smoothness of the treated area.

Incomplete liposuction

When the patient is lying on its back under general anesthesia, it is hard to reach the fat on the rear part of the inner thighs. This section of the thigh therefore often remains insufficiently treated. The catch is that the operator is reluctant to roll a liposuction patient onto her side, as change of position might dislodge the breathing tube and cause insufficient delivery of oxygen to the lungs. It is therefor recommended that the patient is not lying on the back under general anesthesia when inner thigh liposuction procedure is being carried out.

Results are affected by skin elasticity

Women who have good skin elasticity can expect excellent results from liposuction. However, wrinkled, non-elastic skin and liposuction do not make a good match, as liposuction may worsen the degree of wrinkling. People regarding this type of liposuction should be aware that they might end up with better silhouette and worse wrinkles.

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