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Introduction to Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery that removes the excess of skin and fat tissue. It is most commonly performed in order to restore weakened and separated abdominal muscles. All of us would like to have flat and well-toned abdomens. The desirable results may be sometimes achieved with regular exercising but in some cases only the surgery can provide with the desirable effects.

Sagging or loose abdominal muscles commonly develop after pregnancy, due to the process of aging and is associated with significant fluctuations in weight.

Tummy tuck is a good option in case a person is physically healthy and at a stable weight. Furthermore, this is a good choice for people with realistic expectations and finally, non-smokers are better candidates for abdominoplasty than smokers. The positive effects achieved with tummy tuck may be ruined in case there is a significant fluctuation in one's weight after the surgery. This is why all people who are planning to lose substantial amount of fat and women who are planning children in the future may need to postpone the surgery.

What can a Person Expect from Tummy Tuck?

People who have lost a lot of weight particularly in short period of time usually have to deal with unsightly folds of excess of skin. Furthermore, women who have given birth in certain number of cases have to face stretching and weakening of the abdominal muscles which makes their stomach look saggy.

Even though some people may opt for liposuction it is essential to mention that this procedure can only remove excess of fat while it does not take care of the saggy skin. Liposuction cannot make the skin tighter. On the other hand, tummy tuck is an excellent option for such cases. Namely, this surgical procedure efficiently tightens weakened muscles and removes the excess of skin. The overall result is an amazing appearance of the abdomen which looks tighter, flatter and the skin looks elastic.

The best results are, however, achieved if the two procedures are combined. The person who has undergone these procedure must keep on with healthy diet and regular exercise in order to maintain weight. There are certain side effects and a potential risk associated with the procedure and one should be familiar with all of them prior the very procedure. Not all the people can afford tummy tuck.

It is essential to remember that tummy tuck is not a substitute for weight loss or exercise program. And finally, tummy tuck cannot deal with stretch marks although some of them may be removed together with the removal of the excess of skin.

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