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Tummy Tuck

The surgery that flattens the stomach may be a frightening thing due to the potential danger from the scaring. So, we will talk a bit about the problem that may arise after the tummy tuck procedure, but first, we will see what a tummy tuck procedure is. It is a procedure done in order to eliminate the excess of fat located in the abdomen, which is why abdominoplasty is another name for it. When this procedure is done, the fat is removed with the incision made and then the muscles located in this area are tightened. And when the incision is made, great attention is given to its creation, since, the scaring greatly depends on this incision. Also, the fat that needs to be removed and its quantity influences the creation of the scars. Procedures involving considerable fat removal, which are called complete tummy tuck, bear great danger from the scaring. Smaller amount of removed fat involves much less danger from the potential scaring. The area from one hip to the other is where these scars mostly appear. The naval area is also greatly affected by the problem in question. The scaring usually start to improve after the initial six months, during which the problem is the greatest.

Minimizing the Scaring

Minimizing the scaring is the only thing to do since they cannot be avoided. Be realistic with the expectations and talk to your doctor who will give you a clear picture of what to expect. Two months prior to the surgery take vitamin E and multivitamin capsules, which will bring the skin problem improvement. Due to the limitation of oxygen to the body, smoking and other activities with similar effect should be banned several weeks before the surgery. The recovery time can be reduced with the use of a healthy diet. Know that your doctor will do everything possible to reduce the potential scaring.

Removing the Scars

It is important to follow advice given by the doctor, since the period after the surgery is very important for the creation of the scars. The scaring may be reduced and eliminated if you carefully follow the instructions during the recovery time. Apply the cortisone cream that will prevent the aggravation of the scars and reduce the inflammation. Also, before going to bed, especially when the scaring is red, apply some retinol cream. With the help of this cream, the scar will look less noticeable, since the cream affects the collagen under the skin. You can also massage vigorously the affected area with the Aloe Vera gel and olive oil or even cocoa butter. Using tanning beds can also make the scars less noticeable. When visiting the tanning beds, only tan the scaring area, while the rest of the body should be covered. The process of reduction and elimination of the scars developed due to the tummy tuck surgery may need time, so be patient and the results will definitely come.

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