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If you are having dry and flaking lips you are probably suffering from exfoliative cheilitis and this condition will be the topic of this text. Exfoliative cheilitis is a chronic lip inflammation that causes dry and chapped lips, which leads to thickening of the upper red skin located in the vermilion zone and this causes peeling off and revealing of the raw under skin. This condition occurs cyclically and it can be eliminated with the help of proper lip and health care, while medications for this problem are unavailable.

The most common symptoms of exfoliative cheilitis are extreme lip swelling, flaky lip skin, itchy dry lips, burning lips, skin discoloration, cracked dry and extremely dry lips.


Due to mistakes, this condition can be connected with skin problem, but the exact cause is not yet known. The lips problem is basically caused by internal hormonal problem or by fungal mouth infection. The exfoliative cheilitis can be provoked by several diseases among which are diet imbalance, liver malfunction and high liver toxicity.


Now we will move on to the solution of the problem called exfoliative cheilitis. Since no medications and treatments are available for this condition, we will suggest other ways of eliminating this problem. One of them is a diet consisting of organic fruits and vegetables. You can put some organic crease with added few drops of vitamin A to the troubling location. The candida yeast can overgrow and lead to the creation of exfoliative cheilitis, and if this is the case, there is a test that will help you to confirm the problem. Once you wake up, gather as much spit as you can and spit in a glass of boiling water and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. If the water becomes cloudy and you have strands coming down from the spit, you have candida infection and in this case, visit to the doctor is needed in order for the candida infection to be treated. The flaking of the skin can be reduced with the application of natural lip balms on the affected location no less the two times during the day. You can also apply cold compress with vinegar and water or Hydrocortisone cream for 30 minutes. Lips will become soft and moist again if you use lactic acid lotion; be careful about your diet and avoid junk food as much as you can. Drink a lot of water and add green vegetables to your nutrition. This is a problem that is hard to diagnose, so always go to the doctor and even ask for a second opinion to be certain. Use a proper treatment to decrease the effects of the condition and this is basically all you can do, since there is no cure for this problem.

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