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Dry lips are quite an uncomfortable condition, manifesting through excessive lack of moisture in the lips, potentially leading to appearance of cracks which can be painful, result in irritation and bleeding, getting worse once a person smiles or laughs. Therefore, this problem needs to be taken care of as soon as possible, preventing other problems from appearing.

Reasons behind Dry Lips

Many different reasons may lead to dry lips. Some of these are vitamin A deficiency, smoking or insufficient intake of water. Even though these factors are considered to be the most common, others may lead to dry mouth too, including environmental factors such as cold weather or excessive exposure to sun. Furthermore, skin conditions like dermatitis, harsh cosmetic products and lipsticks as well as allergic reactions to certain substances, all are additional factors triggering dry, cracked lips.

Treatment for Dry Lips

Our body usually regenerates our lips once they become excessively dry and this process lasts for about a week. However, during this time you can stimulate the healing process by drinking more water daily. Namely, drinking up to 9 glasses of water a day is considered to be optimal for your health.

Additionally, wearing lip balms can certainly help, unless you wear a type which is not suitable for your lips. Therefore, opt for lip balms which are flavor-free since these are packed with less damaging chemicals, capable of making matters worse. It is important to keep your lips away from harsh chemicals during their recovery period.

Aloe Vera gels are known to be efficient for this purpose, soothing the lips and promoting healing. These gels may be purchased over-the-counter.

Finally, introducing dietary changes which will provide your body with additional vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A can help your lips restore their previous shine in no time. Eating carrots or green leafy vegetables and applying cucumber slices on the surface of the dry and chapped lips are all actions bound to regenerate these parts of our bodies. Cucumbers are known to provide the lips and skin with additional amounts of moisture. Since your lips need this, application of cucumber slices will put an end to dryness effectively.

If all of the above mentioned methods prove to be ineffective, you are advised to seek medical attention, paying your dermatologist a visit, since there are great chances that an underlying condition may be triggering the dryness of your lips. Through medical assistance, your condition will be diagnosed and proper treatment will be administered.

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