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Rough, dry and callous heels can be a nightmare for many people, especially in the summer, when everyone just wants to show off their new sandals.

Rough and cracked heels are not only very unattractive, but they can also be very painful.

This foot condition is usually caused by dryness of the skin or by the way a person walks. If they put too much weight on the heels while they walk, it is more likely that the skin will become callous. Going barefoot or in sandals with open heels is not doing much good for this problem either, since the dust contributes to dryness of the skin.

If they are not treated immediately and properly, rough heels will become quite difficult to solve, because the regular moisturizes will not be able to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

People with diabetes or problems with circulation must be careful and consult a doctor before beginning foot care treatment. The cracks in the heels can sometimes bleed, and in this case too, it is better to see a doctor.

There are many products that aim to solve the problem of rough and cracked heels. Some of them are heel balms and callus reducers. These two products work best if they are combined, and they are also very cheap.

The first thing to do is to remove the layers of dead skin with the callus reducer. This file looks different from the usual heel files - it has raised metal bumps, smaller and bigger from side to side.

It is best to file the heels after soaking the feet for a while in hot water, or at least immediately after taking a shower. Filing hard layers of dead skin can be hard work, but it is important to be persistent and to do it as long as there are dry skin parts.

After this, it is time to apply the heel balm. This balm is supposed to be rubbed into the heels. This product has a bit of an awkward smell but it is nothing to be worried about. After rubbing the balm in, it is recommended to put clean socks on in order to avoid slipping on the floor and to allow the balm to penetrate the skin thoroughly.

Balms should be used twice a day, but applying it only once a day will have positive results as well. It is supposed to be applied right after filing the heels, so a daily routine should look like this: shower or soaking, filing, balm application. This routine will show excellent results in just a few days.

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