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Criterium racing, or so-called crit, is a kind of a citybike race, which is usually not longer than 5 km and involves closing the certainstreets. This kind of bike racing might not involve long paths and duration,but the speed and the intensity with which these bikes are driven areconsiderably higher than usual. Also, these races are very popular and alwayshave a large number of spectators. The prizes are most often monetary.

What does a good criterium racer require?

Practical skills and a perfected, polished technique arepretty much the best recipe for being successful in criterium racing. Theseskills include turning corners without difficulty, managing to swiftly avoidother racers in small spaces and high levels of endurance. A clear mind andcomplete focus are also very important for the race.

How to train for criterium racing?

Criterium racing has categories which determine theintensity of the race, thereby determining the intensity of the training aswell. Naturally, qualified riders will devote much more hours to training thanbeginners who have yet to obtain fitness and necessary skills. Training forcriterium racing involves a lot of gadgets. These are the machines used to getin shape, such as the bicycle or muscle stretching bands and weighting scales,but the ones which monitor the health, such as heart rate monitors are alsoimportant to have. Obviously, a lot of preparation for the crit can be done in the gym. What is not obligatory, but is recommended to own are the so-calledpower meters, which keep track of the development of the racer. They can bequite motivating.

Criterium racing training categories

The training categories for criterium racing are aphysiological and a mechanical category, as well as race craft. Thephysiological category consists of usage of muscle fiber, vigor, proper diet, stretching,the proportion of speed and pain and the heart rate. Mechanical categoryincludes increasing the performance of the braking and reducing the rolling weight,and also wearing an appropriately comfortable outfit. Finally, race craftincludes skills which involve managing a bicycle and certain tactics how tobeat other racers.

Race craft category is the most important one for afirst-time participants of criterium racing because they do not have theopportunity to establish long-standing and stable strength, so for them the bestoption would be to focus on the tactic on how to reach the destination thefastest as well as to out-ride other racers.

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