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Modern multi-speed bikes, made of the light materials, makebicycle riding more pleasant and bring about the possibility of taking longrides for many people who enjoy this activity. Even the long tours through the countrysideare something many often practice.

Before taking a long-distance riding of this kind, a personshould make sure that their legs are developed and are able to keep up with thepressure, and that they are in a good level of physical fitness. The commondifficulty that most of the riders experience is the pain in the buttock whichresults from sitting on a bicycle seat over a long period of time.


However, a person should gradually make progress to longdistance rides, starting out with short rides, not longer than 20 minutes induration, tripling the duration every three days. Bikers should always stayfocused on two factors: speed and distance. Therefore, the training will bemost effective if the person is try riding faster on the days when they cannot take longerrides, but whenever the rider can afford a long ride, they should try to take it easier on the speedand focus on distance.

On average, the rider should be able to ride about 15 miles perhour. If the person manages to do three rides a week of a minimum 20 miles, they willtake around an hour and 20 minutes per day.

On the days the person practices shorter rides, they should try focusing at afaster pace while covering 10-12 miles. One's physical fitness will benefitfrom this type of training and it will improve the endurance.

Mileage should gradually rise over a period of a coupleof weeks. Then the rider will be able to try one significantly longer ride one dayeach week. The person will be ready to ride further once they reach the averagelevel of 200 miles per week. The goal for the first much longer ride should beset to 50 miles at least.

If the person plans to tour a mountainous terrain, which involvesclimbing on a bicycle, they must be sure to do some practice on hilly roads. The same goesfor luggage - if the person plans on carrying luggage on the tour, they should practice withadditional weight.

Bicycle touring is a fun way of seeing new places and getting into good shape as well. Remember not to get discouraged if the others seemto better or faster than you. The idea of bicycle traveling prioritizespleasure and endurance over the actual skill and speed.

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