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Marathon Training

If you decided to train for a marathon in a year, you must have in mind that it can be time consuming and challenging process. Never forget that marathon training is your own choice and that you must enjoy it and have as much fun as you can in the process. It is recommended to seek professional guidance because it is very important to do exercises which will gradually improve your shape and not cause injuries such as muscle strains. You will also have to make certain dietary adjustments in order to improve your condition.

First Steps

You have 12 months until the marathon and your shape is a mess. Is such situation, it is crucial not to start with exhausting and demanding exercises because it can harm your muscles and heart. In the first week just have brisk walks in the park for half an hour. After that you can run for couple of minutes, and then walk again. Do so for the next three weeks and gradually increase the time of running. You are ready for some serious training if you can run for half an hour without being out of breath and exhausting.

Serious Training

You should keep on running about four times a week for the upcoming months. You can adjust the rhythm of running so that you sometimes run more miles fewer times a week or run less miles more times in one week. You should slowly increase the number of miles, speed and the days of the week. After several weeks, take one week break and run just for the fun of it, and then return to more serious running. In addition to running you can do exercises which will help you get rid of excess weight and increase you strength. Exercises such as crunches, sit ups or bench press may do you good. Keep in mind that your body needs carbohydrates and proteins so eat potatoes, beans, carrots, bananas, apples, cereals, fish, chicken, eggs and soy products. It is advised to have a light meal one hour before training and after the training help your self with proper meal. Do not forget to drink a lot of fluid. Even while you are running carry a bottle of water and take a few sips every 20 minutes.

Final Countdown

In last ten weeks you should have increased running sessions to five times a week. You should be able to run without strains and without getting exhausted. Take a deep breath, relax and remember that you have already won by leading a healthy life and keeping fit.

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