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Now that you have decided you want to go for the full marathon you are potentially joining a group of the world’s population of one percent who have actually crossed the finish line of a marathon. Presumably you will have already done a half marathon to work your way to the notion of going for the full hog. However, it’s not a necessity, you can dive straight into the main event if you wish. Everyone has the capability of finishing a marathon whether you’re a first timer, been doing this a long time or have been out of the game a while. The important thing is preparation. Getting through this with the right frame of mind is about having motivation and getting your staying power ready mentally. It’s comparable to the saying, it’s easy to get an A in class but it’s difficult to keep it. Contrast that to motivation, to maintain that same enthusiastic sense of self is easier said than done. If you can work out how to manage your brain and stay optimistic and motivated enough you will hopefully take pleasure in your training process and then find yourself sprinting over the finish line with a smile.

What to Do Pre-Training for The Marathon

There are many things to consider before taking part in a full marathon. Firstly, set yourself goals, know what it is you want to achieve and why you want it so badly. Get those goals written down like the amount of weight you want to lose, the time goals for each section and so on and then write down the process on how to achieve those particular goals. Next, make sure you can run for approximately half an hour non stop. This is more important right now rather than the actual distance. You don’t want to push too hard at the beginning, your body will need time to get into it and to avoid injuries, so do a mix of walking and running to start with.

How to Avoid Injury When Taking Part in a Marathon

In the times you’re not training make sure you relax, if you have any sore areas then ice them and take care of your body. Pay attention to your knees and shins as these joints will need the extra care.

On The Marathon Day

In the week coming up to the big day you will need to fill yourself up with carbohydrates. Keep in mind on the day you need to concentrate on endurance and don’t let the adrenaline take over in the first few minutes.

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