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Following a few simple steps can truly be of great assistance when it comes to training for a half marathon. These steps are not so hard, but provide gradual process of getting in adequate shape, guaranteed to have a noticeable positive effect on the track.

Training for A Half-Marathon

Firstly, you must calculate a bit. Namely, since you need to be in an appropriate form, you must take appropriate amounts of calories. Simply, multiply your existing weight by 13 and you will get the number of calories you need to intake daily. Now, bear in mind that a mile burns about 100 calories and in order to loose weight efficiently you need to lose at least 500 calories a day. Adjust your nutrition to these rules and get used to it in order to maintain it. Nutrition and body weight are one of the main keys to success on the running track.

Next thing to do is to divide the calories into nutritive elements. What that means is that half of the calories you intake should be from carbohydrates, while the other half is split between proteins and fat. Taking into consideration the nutritive properties of certain types of food, create your own diet matching your needs. Carbohydrates can be found in various fruits such as berries, banana, peach, and grapefruit. There are many other sources, so get informed about the calorie value and choose the ones fitting you best. Vegetables are also excellent for this purpose, some of which are asparagus, lettuce, carrots, broccoli and onions.

The following, however, need to be taken carefully, since larger portions may cause more harm than good. This goes for beans, corn, peas, white or sweet potato along with pastas, rice and different types of bread and similar products such as crackers, muffins, biscuits and other. Popcorn, cereals, bagels and tortillas also go into this group. Eat smaller portions in order to benefit from the intake.

Next come the proteins. Carbohydrates give you energy, but proteins keep those muscles together and make your stomach full. These can be found in meat and eggs, as well as in dairy products. You can choose between pork, chicken, fish, lamb and many others when it comes to meat. The important thing is to chose less fat and more proteins.

Finally, there come fats. Crucial for your nutrition, these can be found in nature, healthy and efficient. Different oils, nuts, olives and even peanut butter contain these. Cheese, margarine and mayonnaise only add to the list.

After ensuring this calorie-rich intake, you need to spend them wisely. Running is one of the best ways meaning that the more you train, the more calories you adequately use, making yourself prepared and capable of doing that half-marathon with minimal efforts.

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