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Since the movements of the shoulder joints are very complex, parts of these joints are prone to strains, twists and inflammation. Problems with shoulder joints can cause pain on the other parts of the arm, even fingertips.

Causes of Top of Shoulder Pain

There are numerous reasons why one can experience shoulder pain. The most common reason for shoulder pain is inflammation and soreness of the tendons of the rotator cuffs. Furthermore, soreness of the sack of fluid which is placed under the highest part of the shoulder (also called subacromial bursa) can also cause the pain. If one suffers from the pinched nerve in the neck, he/her can experience pain that starts from the top of the shoulder and then goes through your whole arm, even down to the fingertips. In addition, neck problems can induce shoulder pain. Arthritis can cause damages of gristles and bones.

Treating Top of Shoulder Pain

Active rest is the best solution for the shoulder pain. This means that you can move your shoulder, but do not overstrain it, and try to minimize activities that include carrying heavy weight objects and stretching of this joint. This also means that you cannot play basketball, tennis nor do the weight exercises while heaving this problem. Another strategy is to use anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen. You can take them as an injection, or as a pill. You can use painkillers, but that is a short term solution.If the pain doesn’t go away, you should consult your physician. He can advise you some light exercises, along with taking medicines. These exercises include limited range of motions and are used as a part of the rehabilitation process.

Range of Motion Exercise

Stand up and lean from your hips so you are facing the floor. Loosen your arms so they can hang straight down. Now start moving your hands in circle motions. Increase the size of the circle you draw in the air. Repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times during the day. If this starts to cause the pain, reduce motions and do the exercise some other time.Rotator Cuff Strengthening ExerciseFor this exercise, you need to have rubber tubing. Loop the rubber tubing around the door knob on your doors. Bend your arm at the angle of 90 degrees, and take the loop of the tubing in your hand. This is the starting position. Now start pulling the band across your abdomen. Try to do this exercise for 10 counts.

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