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Shoulder Pain

Some cases of shoulder pain can be caused by something benign and harmless, butsometimes even cardiovascular system is at danger. Contusions and spasms areusually culprits for this problem that affects all age groups. But sometimesthe cause is more dangerous and the bruising and sprains are just symptoms in thesecases. Some of the conditions that develop these symptoms include bursitis,arthritis and many others. It the following text we will talk about this inmore detailed manner.Since the shoulder is used a lot, it can be injured easily. The ligaments,tendons and muscles keep the shoulder in the right position and these items mayalso be damaged and injured. The referred shoulder pain is when pain is justtransmitted and felt in the shoulder area, while localized shoulder pain ispain coming from the shoulder. They both are considered to be common problems.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Since people think shoulder pain cannot be caused by something serious,especially, mild pain in the shoulder, this problem is usually neglected. Once the problemsbecome worse, life can even be at danger. One of the problems that can cause mild to severe shoulder pain is bursitis. If this problem is present, painwill be experienced when lifting something over your head. Anti-inflammatorymedications and ice packs are used for treatment of this condition, but it isimportant to see a doctor in the beginning stages, since theproblem may become worse and require a surgery.

Next possible condition isadhesive capsulitis. Stiffness of the joints is usually a symptom of theproblem also called frozen shoulder. Patients with endocrine disorders andpeople in the region from 40 to 60 years of age are most susceptible to thiscondition, which is treated with physiotherapy and stretching exercises. Shoulder arthritiscomes in two forms and they are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.The bone will rub against each other if the osteoarthritis is present, sincethis problem wears out the cartilage and exposes the bones to each other.Lining of the joints is inflamed if the rheumatoid arthritis is present. Bothof these problems cause the pain while performing an activity.

Next cause ofthe shoulder pain is rotator cuff tear, which is associated with arm weaknessand top shoulder pain. This problem may require surgery as a form of treatment.Sometimes the shoulder cannot be kept in place. The name of this problem isshoulder instability, and when it is present, the shoulder can slide a bit out ofits location or completely come out. If this problem is present, severe pain isfelt. Remember that liver abscess and gallbladder problems are associated withright shoulder pain, while osteoporosis and heart problems are associated withthe left shoulder pain. Also, it is never a bad idea to visit the hospital, nomatter how small and insignificant the symptoms seem.

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