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Hurting the shoulder may be caused by overdoing exercise orsome other physical activity.

The human body cannot always be prepared forsevere workout routines and physical conditions. If the muscles gets used in anunexpected way, they may cause pain.

Muscle pain can be caused by numerousdifferent things like tears, strains, bruising or perhaps some injury that ismore serious in nature. If one starts feeling pain during workout or any othermovement, the performed action must be stopped immediately. If the pain doesnot get resolved on its own, it calls for immediate medical attention.

A shoulder may develop an injury chronically by beingexposed to a repetitive strain or acutely if its being affected by some incident.Tendinitis may be caused by various types of repetitive strains such asswimming, throwing or swinging.

Rotator cuff tendons tend to age and growweaker during the process of aging. The rotator cuff can be torn due to theaging process which is even further worsened by physical activities andstressful situations. Repetitive motions and traumatic incidents can causeinjury to the rotator cuff. These injuries are very common in many sports includingbaseball, volleyball, swimming and tennis. If one practices excessive repetitivemotions, the risk of pulling a shoulder muscle gets significantly increased.

Sometimes the pain will not be triggered right after pullinga muscle so it may occur two or three days later. It can be dull in nature ortriggered only by the movement of the muscle. If an injury is more severe, thepain can be sharper. Even though the shoulder has the largest motion range ofall body parts it still can be dislocated if it comes out of its socket. Thiscondition is usually caused when the ligaments that hold the bone its socketbecome unstable, less flexible, torn, weak or stretched.

One has many ways or preventing the painful shoulderinjuries. The most important thing is to always warm up and stretch the musclesbefore doing any type of workout routine or exercises.

It can be done by takingan arm across the body and pulling it with the other arm and stretching theback side of the shoulder by doing so. If one indulges in body building, it iswise to use light weights first and gradually progress towards heavier weights.If strain occurs at any moment, the exercise must be stopped immediately.

An injured shoulder must be elevated and needs to rest asmuch as possible. Cold compression consisting of ice wrapped in a towel can bevery helpful. The next step consists of applying heat in order to increase theblood flow to the shoulder. Massages can also be beneficial in increasing theflow of blood to the injured shoulder.

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