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Shoulder pain is a common medical condition which isactually triggered by soreness of the tendon. For those who do not know, tendonis a cord which actually attaches a muscle to the bone. In this case it is thetendon of the rotator cuff. Rotator cuff is the very part of the shoulder whichis responsible for helping it perform circular motions. Shoulder pain can alsobe triggered by a medical condition called subacromial bursa. It is actually asac filled with fluid and it is located under the highest part of the shoulder.Soreness may sometimes occur only in cases when a person performs variousdifferent types of actions and motions which require lifting of the hands.Certain types of injuries can also be held responsible for the onset ofshoulder pain. The shoulder blade and the arm bone form the main joint in theshoulder. It is the shallow joint socket which allows for numerous differenttypes of motions in the arm. There are also four different muscles whichsurround the arm bone, and the rotator cuff is the part which keeps theshoulder steady in all the actions and motions which involve the movement ofthe arm.


The tendons of the supraspinatus muscle are located on topof the shoulder and they travel under the bone on the outer side of theshoulder which is medically referred to as the acromion. Since the tendon ispositioned between the bones, it often gets injured. If the rotator cuff is involved in the painfulsensations, the pain usually occurs in the front side or the outside of theshoulder. It is also pretty much a common thing for the pain to be worsened byraising the arm.

Treatment Options

The treatment options include a wide variety of strategieswhich always need to involve plenty of active resting. One should move theshoulder, but all strenuous activities need to be avoided as much as possible.Application of ice on the affected areas can also be of great help in somecases of shoulder pain. Those who suffer from shoulder pain are also advised totake nonsteroidal anti inflammatory medications because they may be of greathelp in relieving the pain. Sometimes these medicaments need to be used in theform of injections. There are certain range-of-motion exercises which also canbe very helpful. They are commonly followed by resistance exercises andresistance training.

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