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Introduction to rotator cuff

Many people suffer injuries to the rotator cuff because it is a very versatile set of joints that is used for many different motions and movements of the body.

The injury of the rotator cuff occurs when there is irritation or muscle damage in this area. The tendons of the rotator cuff, which support the shoulder and attach the arm to the shoulder joint, can also be injured.

When this damage to the tendons occurs, there will be inflammation and pain. It is also possible to tear the tendons or muscles of the rotator cuff, which is the most severe injury that can occur to this set of tendons and muscles.

There are any things that can lead to such problems, including injuries, poor posture, wear and tear due to aging, and pulling or lifting heavy objects with poor form and thus training the muscles and tendons.

This is also one of the most common injuries in sports, especially for baseball pitchers, because the repetitive motion of throwing a ball close to 100 miles per hour over 150 times a night can take a serious toll on the muscles and tendons of the arm and shoulder.

When the rotator cuff is hurt, it will be hard for the person to move their shoulder and the range of motions will be lost.

In the most serious injuries there will be excruciating pain that will be chronic and will be accompanied by non-stop muscle weakness.

In this case it is best to see a medical professional immediately. Treatment

When the rotator cuff is injured, there are self-care treatments that can be used in less serious cases to help get rid of the pain and make sure that the muscles and tendons are not injured any further. Aggravating the injury is one of the worst things that a person can do, so it is highly recommended for all people who experience injuries of the rotator cuff to get a lot of rest and to refrain from performing strenuous activities that involve the injured shoulder and arm.

There are also exercise therapies that can be used to help heal the injury, and the doctor will be able to show them to you.

They will also improve flexibility in the rotator cuff muscles and regain strength and a normal range of motion in the shoulder. These exercises are also effective in making sure that the injury does not reoccur.

In minor injuries, the formula of rest, ice, compression and elevation should be followed in order to allow the injuries to heal. However, if the injury is more serious and a tear of the tendons or muscles has occured, the person will probably need a surgery, such as arthroplasty, which is a shoulder replacement surgery.

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