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Regardless of the similarities, male and female bodies are very different. What stands out between the two, other than the obvious, are deficiencies when it comes to vitamins and minerals. It is not enough for all people to take multivitamin supplements. Women, having a smaller body frame than men, will gather all the necessary nutrients from multivitamins. However, they will undergo more hormonal changes than men will ever do. On the other hand, men will surely benefit from these supplements. Yet, this will not be enough, especially when it comes to zinc, commonly lacking in an average man's body, being a sign of insufficient nutrition.

What Men Need

Men need three basic supplements in order for their body to function in the best possible way. First of all, they need EFA, or essential fatty acids, then multivitamins with Zinc and, finally, a prostate formula. Even though females can take these supplements as well, they will not benefit as much from them, since these are designed and combined in a specific way, preventing some of the most common health problems in men.

The Necessary Supplements

As I mentioned above, the first necessary supplement is essential fatty acids. Basically, our body needs 24 of these acids in order to function properly and stay healthy. While our own body creates the rest, 2 of the essential fatty acids need to be supplemented from natural sources. Omega 6 is the first one, being found in cooking oil and some other fats while Omega 3 is the next one, found in abundance in fish and some other types of meat. People usually manage to get enough Omega 6 from their regular nutrition. However, they commonly lack Omega 3 fatty acids. When men lack this fatty acid, they are more prone to developing cancer, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and many other health problems. Moreover, Omega 3 boosts one's cognitive abilities, prevents inflammations from taking place in the body and keeps one safe from arthritis.

The second supplement is a multivitamin with zinc. Zinc provides the male body with the sexual boost it needs. Every ejaculation deprives men of about 5mg of zinc. Thus, those who are more sexually active need to compensate for these losses regularly. Apart from that, zinc repairs the DNA, makes your prostate healthier, does wonders for your metabolism and makes your sperm more mobile.

Finally, a healthy prostate is crucial for the well-being of every single man. Thus, an herbal combination of medicines which keep one's prostate healthy, named prostate formula is an absolute must.

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