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Supplements for children

The best supplement to start a child off with is a multivitamin, and it is suggested to start with an inexpensive one that taste good to the kid.

Any generic brand chewable multivitamin will do the trick and cover all the bases needed for a child.

Babies should be given pre-crushed tables and consume them mixed in with the food that they are eating.

There are also vitamins that come in interesting and fun shapes that children will love. It is also important to keep the vitamins away from the children, the best place to put them is on a shelf where they cannot reach them on their own. This is because a child does not know that effects of the vitamin and could mistaken it for candy. Eating too many multivitamins can have negative effects on the child’s health.

The poison center should be called immediately if a child overdoses on vitamins.

Vitamin deficiencies in childrenThere are some common vitamin deficiencies that should be looked out for in children.

One of the is iron deficiency, which is especially common in children who live in poorer communities, though, it can affect just about any child. Iron can be found in fortified breakfast cereal, red meat, beans, peanut butter and eggs.

If the child is not eating these types of foods on the regular, it is recommended that a parent either takes the child to be screened for iron deficiency or gets the child to start taking a multivitamin supplement with iron in it.

Another common deficiency for children is a lack of calcium in the diet.

Calcium is most commonly obtained from dairy products. Therefore, if the child is not eating a lot of cheese or yogurt, or drinking milk regularly, there is a good change that the child might have a calcium deficiency.

If the child does not like dairy, they can drink a calcium-fortified juice or calcium supplements, that often taste like chocolate and can be quite delicious.

Sometimes a child might be lacking fish oil, which is a rich source for oega-3 fatty acids. These acids are essential for good brain and eye health.

Adults need omega-3 supplements because they can decrease the risks of heart attacks and strokes. Fish oil supplements are safe for children as well, unless they are taking some kind of blood-thinning medication or have problems with bleeding.

Since a child will probably not want to swallow a capsule, there are chewy variety of fish oil tablets that are available for children.

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