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Toothache during pregnancy

Toothache and pregnancy

Besides so many difficulties prior to giving birth, toothache is yet another problem that can befall women during this period of their life. And this comes not only as unpleasant, but in many cases as quite painful and unbearable. Therefore, each woman considers the best possibilities to ward it off, but without causing any harm to the yet-to-be-born child. A great number of women willingly withstands and is, so to speak, afraid when it comes to consuming either coffee or starting with a certain medicine, which is completely justifiable. Another thing many women decide to count out is paying a visit to the dentist given their pregnancy. Upon analyzing these actions and ways of thinking, we come to a conclusion that what these women are doing actually is thinking of their baby first. But nevertheless they also desire to “get rid” of this annoying tooth related condition. Even though, at a first glance, it may not appear so, there are numerous methods and techniques that can be employed without jeopardizing the safety of the baby, or the safety of the mother in question.

Pregnancy and the dentist

Well, despite the fact that many women are afraid of taking a seat in the dentists chair while pregnant, they should know that such thinking is actually not proper since there has not been any significant evidence that this action could harm them and their baby in any way. Therefore, just about any woman who is suffering from a toothache should seek medical aid without any hesitation in order to safeguard her unborn baby. In addition, leaving the toothache be can cause a whole lot of unwanted stress, both physical and mental, which all women will agree is not something to be desired since exactly this can bring harm to your baby. And in case it is necessary to go through the X-ray, know that even then your baby can be protected by simple use of the lead shield. This is something that almost every dentist is aware of.

Natural remedies

Since medications and drugs make most women feel uneasy and uncomfortable, the best way to remedy a toothache is by employing natural remedies. One of the things a woman in question can do is chew on a clove. Once out of the leaf and getting near to the sore spot, the juice of the clove will relieve all the ache in no more than 30 min. Aside from this, you can always seek help from hot/cold packs, but you should be aware that these provide only temporary solution. 

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