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Toothache symptoms

Causes and Characteristics of Toothache

Toothache is a painful state of the affairs most of us have experienced at some points of our lives. Namely, it expresses through pain and discomfort in the dental area. It is usually caused by an abscessed tooth in which the inflammation has encompassed the very core of it, the pulp. There, all of the tooth nerves are located, and, once this part gets exposed, the pain becomes present. Although, most of the times, the problem is related to our teeth or gums, sometimes that does not need to be the case. Therefore, we might experience this condition when we have problems with our sinuses. Additionally, some underlying health problems may trigger this condition. Even an extracted tooth may cause one trouble since, sometimes, the socket where the tooth was may get painful and problematic. Therefore, it is of great importance that you notice the symptoms of toothache on time and correlate them with the adequate condition in order to provide yourself the right type of help.

Toothache Manifestation

The main characteristic of a toothache is that it usually increases gradually. Thus, you are likely to experience a minor type of pain and discomfort at the beginning, growing to be more and more serious as the inflammation spreads out inside your troublesome tooth. At first, the toothache is triggered mostly by exposing the very tooth to either extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures. Later, however, the pain tends to be present most of the times, potentially transferring onto your head or ears.

Once the inflammation has reached its peak, one will experience more serious types of symptoms. First of all, there come swelling, bleeding and pain caused by mere touching of the troublesome area. This swelling includes both the tooth and possibly the jaw. Similarly, the bleeding is not only reserved for the tooth area, as it can spread as well. Additionally, one's touching or pressing of the problematic tooth often results in the increase of pain. Thus, pain might be experienced during eating or simply by striking your tooth with your finger.

Finally, if none of the symptoms mentioned above are present, the reason behind the toothache is probably something else, like a disease encompassing one's ears, head or cardiovascular system.

Possible Treatment for Toothache

If the problem is tooth-related, the dentist may do several things, depending on the cause behind the toothache. Before anything else, in cases of swelling, the dentist will need to prescribe antibiotics in order for it to heal. Afterwards, painkiller injections are administered, and the tooth may either have its holes filled or put on a crown after the reasons behind its inflammation have been removed. For more serious cases, however, the dentist will recommend you to visit other types of dental doctors.

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