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We will talk about a great problem that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort and that is sudden tooth pain. You will want to eliminate this pain as quickly as you can and in these attempts you will find clove oil very helpful. Dental care is the prime aspect in which clove oil is used, but there are other benefits also. However, know that this remedy can only reduce the pain, but it will not eliminate and cure the problem. Infection, cracked tooth, tooth decay and bacterial infections are the main reasons why this pain is developed. Toothache can be reduced with the use of clove oil compressions but you will have to see a dentist, especially if the problem is more serious.

Tooth Pain

Painkillers and antibacterial abilities of a clove oil are due to the presence of the eugenol, which has been used for treatment of tooth problems for many centuries. If you see a product with the name "Eugenol", know that this contains clove oil. Clove tree buds are used for the production of the oil in question, which has so many beneficial effects on the human organism. It has germicidal, antiviral,carminative, anti-fungal and antiseptic abilities. Clove oil has been noted by the dentists as the best solution for the pain associated with the toothache. Dentists use a mix of zinc oxide and clove oil for relieving the toothache, but for the prevention of plaque and mouth ulcers as well. Clove oil can be found in many types of toothpaste as well. If you use clove oil, you will have to use it diluted because you may experience problems such as tissue damage, nerve damage and burning if you use it in the pure form. There are some other problems, such as liver damage, vomiting, kidney failure and seizures, which can be caused by consummation of clove oil in larger dosages. Some people cannot use clove oil, such as pregnant women, small children, diabetics and those who suffer from bleeding disorders. People who had problems with kidneys or liver should not use clove oil.


Toothache can bedecreased easily with the help of the clove oil bought in the pharmacy store. First dilute the clove oil with olive oil and then use a cotton ball, take some of the mixture and place it on the tooth in pain. Remember that you will have to clean your mouth carefully before applying this mixture.

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