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Definition and manifestation

Only the lucky ones may not know frompersonal experience what toothache really is. Most of us haveexperienced more often than we would like to admit, and the pain,being the main mark of this condition haunts us even through itsremembrance. Namely, toothache presents a light, moderate, or quitesevere pain in our tooth or gum area. This pain is in most casestriggered by the exposure of the problematic tooth to cold or hottemperatures or sweets. The stabbing pain strikes immediately afterthe exposure but it often passes right after it. However, in moreserious cases of dental decay, the pain is known to be constant andextremely uncomfortable. Many people choose to prolong their visit tothe dentist because of the fear from being in pain during the processof healing the sore tooth, paradoxically deciding to endure theterrible pain they are stuck with while suffering from toothache.Although the pain may disappear in time the damage to tooth remainsand it is crucial to seek dentist's help as soon as possible.

Serious cases and false alarms

Toothache may be a very serious sign ofa complicated and potentially dangerous dental condition in dire needof healing or it may, perhaps, only be a side-effect of anotherunderlying process in our body. For these additional reasonsdentist's opinion and tooth x ray scans are extremely helpful.

Namely sometimes when we suffer frommere cold or flu a side-effect of this disease may be toothache eventhough it has nothing to do with out teeth but more with the suddendecrease of our immunity. Also when our wisdom teeth start growing,the pain is present but not dangerous.

However, sometimes, when we ignore anaching tooth, an abscess may form and in time become full withdangerous pus. This substance may leak from the abscess, causinginfections that may even be life threatening. The worst thing is thatthese occur quite covertly, most often no pain is felt until toolate. This condition is solved by surgically removing the abscess orthe cyst that might be created and healing the tooth. Plaque, caries,various infections and inflammations only add on to the list oftoothache causes.


Although herbs and supplements cannotroll back the decaying process proper nutrition can greatly help.

Intake of vitamin C, A and mineralslike calcium daily help you with protecting your teeth. In case ofabscesses, vitamin C and zinc intake are crucial, as well as takingspecific antibiotics to fight the bacteria.

As far as herbs are concerned, rinsingyour teeth daily with lemon balm extract helps greatly. Bennet herbessential oil does wonders if applied on the aching tooth. Horsetailherb regenerates the damaged outer layer of the tooth while numerousherbal teas help cleansing and reducing fever if caused from toothinfections. Finally dandelion juice taken three times a day canremove the formed abscesses and clean your dental cavity.

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