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Toothache and home remedies

Toothache does not only refer to the pain in the area of the teeth, but it also refers to the pain which is felt in the gums or jaws. It can vary in severity and intensity, but it usually has the tendency to aggravate when a person eats or drinks something hot or cold. As for the possible causes, they are various and include even gum diseases and dental cavities. The pain of this kind is definitely a sign that the person should visit the dentist because something is definitely wrong, and this is something that should not be postponed, because the problem and pain could only become worse. Still, people, or at least the greatest majority of them, tend to take some pain reliever, hoping that the pain will stop and that it will not appear again. In some cases, this might really happen, but even if it does, the visit to the dentist should not be canceled.

When it comes to home remedies for toothache, many people actually do not know that there is a wide range of home remedies that can relieving this kind of pain. This can be useful particularly in situations when the toothache occurs all of a sudden, and the person cannot go to the dentist for some reason. On the other side, instead of taking a pain reliever, it is definitely much healthier to give a chance to some natural remedy, because it might prove to be equally effective. As for the ingredients, in every home there is probably at least garlic, which can also relieve the pain in a very short time. If not, it is probably possible to find some ice packs and put them on the cheek.

Home remedies that relieve a toothache

Besides ice packs and garlic, it is also helpful to apply the mixture of the pepper powder and clove oil on the tooth. What is also known for its ability to provide immediate relief is vanilla extract, and all it takes is to pour a few drops on the tooth that aches. In case there is some infection present, the person should apply clove oil to the tooth in question, because it will help in elimination of the infection, but besides that, it will also relieve the pain. Lime can be used as a prevention and the maintenance of the health of the teeth is an important part of it because it reduces the chances of experiencing problems such as dental caries, bleeding of the gums and similar.

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