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The Price of Beauty

Earrings and ear piercings have beenpresent as a tokens of feminine beauty since centuries ago. Nowadays,piercings are present more than ever. Even though most of them stillconcentrate on the ear, some people pierce their tongues,bellybuttons, eyebrows, and many other body parts. Today, men piercetheir ears almost as often as women do. This has truly become a partof aesthetics available and accepted by the most, growing in numberdaily. However, with this wanted beauty comes a certain price.

Namely, one is to take care of his or her ear piercing in order to beable to enjoy it. Neglected ear piercings may easily result in aninfection or some other means of complications, leaving permanentscars or other type of damage on a person's ear forever. These casesneed to be ruled out by proper ear piercing hygiene. Beforehand, youneed to make sure you are having a professional piercing your ear orears. Thus, choose only piercing parlors which have been proven to begood and handled by people who do their jobs right.

Manifestations of Ear Piercing Problems

When you get your ear pierced, therecovery process should not last for longer than 8 weeks. During thatperiod, you may experience pain and discomfort, alternativelyaccompanied with redness and irritation. However, if these symptomsprevail after the optimal recovery period, let alone get combinedwith burning and pus discharge, you are to seek medical attention assoon as possible.

What Might Cause Ear Piercing Problems?

There are several factors to negativeside-effects of ear piercings. First and foremost, unskilled staff atthe piercing parlor, or unsterilized equipment used, will surelycause consequences. Additionally, poor hygiene after the piercingwill most certainly lead to a development of an infection. Finally,problems may occur due to an allergic reaction to the jewelry goingthrough the ear piercing.

Possible Treatment of Ear PiercingProblems

First of all, before having your earpierced, rest assure that gold and silver are best choices as thesemetals are most compatible with human skin. Furthermore, after thepiercing, take good care of its hygiene, cleaning it with anantibacterial soap or other solution at least once every day. Do nottouch it or play with it since this may lead to transfer of thebacteria from your hands to your piercing. Whenever you wish to touchthe piercing, wash your hands beforehand. Finally, do not change thejewelry often, especially during the first 8 weeks and in cases ofany inflammation seek medical attention immediately.

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