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Even though body piercing has become a part of our culture and is rapidly spreading as a trademark of most of the younger and older population, there are still some extreme cases of it which cause controversial attitudes of people towards it. However, although piercings are claimed not to cause side-effects or any possible health problem, there still are a lot of things you should think about before piercing some parts of your body. This is mainly related to those extreme cases such as nipple, genital, tongue and some unusual ear piercings. Movement of the piercing may occur, as well as body’s rejection of it. Numerous infections and the inflammations giving way to many dangerous diseases are also a possibility.
Causes and preventions
Almost all complications are caused by unsterilized equipment in piercing parlors or by unskilled people in charge of piercing people. There are numerous parlors and saloons that do piercings but do not have permissions and have not passed the necessary health inspections. If you choose to pierce certain parts of your body, make sure you also choose the right saloon or parlor and people qualified for this task.
Possible dangerous outcomes
Mainly because of the above mentioned unhygienic conditions, there have been numerous unhappy endings of many piercing stories. There are known cases of intoxication and infection of breasts of females who have undergone nipple piercing. In all cases they lost one or both of their breasts, suffering from gangrene and painful inflammation beforehand. There have been known cases of death from complications from lip and tongue piercings. Besides causing tooth damage, these piercings may open way for many bacteria to one’s blood vessels and brain with the possible outcome of death.
There has been a known case of a 39-year-old woman who wanted to have more than one hundred piercings. Before completing the task this woman succumbed to infection caused by the numerous foreign objects in her body and fell into a coma.
Final word
Piercings may look nice on some unusual parts of our body. We may feel unique and special when having those. Nevertheless, we should be extremely careful since we may end up with numerous, possibly deadly, infections and complications. If you suffer from some kind of chronic disease, make sure that piercings may not endanger your health further. Inform yourself about all the possible side-effects and complications since only by doing that may you be careful enough to choose an adequate spot for the piercing and take care of it ruling out all those problems likely to appear.

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