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Having Your Ear Pierced

Since ancient times, people haveundergone ear piercing procedures for various reasons. Some did itfor intimidation, others for social importance and religion. However,nowadays, people mostly pierce certain parts of their bodies forpurely aesthetic reasons. We have many different parts of our ear wecan pierce, even though people still mostly opt for ear lobepiercings being the least painful and demanding ones. Nevertheless,in the modern times, more and more people, predominantly younger ones,pierce the cartilage parts of their ear since these are more uniqueand stand out more than a classic ear lobe piercing. However, thereis much more risk involved in piercing one's cartilage since thisarea of the ear is far more sensitive. Thus, it is only logical thatthis process can be painful. If you are interested in ear cartilagepiercings and want to know more about this pain issue, read on.

Pain and Ear Piercings

Since pain is a relative thing, andsome of us may be more resistant to it and tolerate larger amounts ofpain before even noticing it, this feeling is different withdifferent people. What may hurt someone may be just tingling forsomeone else etc.

Also, the skill of the piercing expertand the equipment he/she uses is crucial when it comes to pain anddiscomfort. Basically, if a person with poor skills pierces yourcartilage you are likely to experience pain since this is a delicateprocess which requires precision. Additionally, the person may beusing inadequate equipment during the process. Namely, quite oftenpiercing guns are used both for lobe and cartilage piercings.However, these are not suitable for the latter and may cause scarformation or infections. Taking all this into consideration, you arebest with piercing parlors which employ qualified and experiencedpeople, using professional piercing needles for cartilage piercing ofyour ear.

Other Causes of Ear Cartilage PiercingPain

Taking good care of your piercing afterit has been done cannot be emphasized enough. Yet, many people thinkthat there is nothing else to do after being aesthetically boostedthis way. Still, unless you pay attention to proper hygiene and keepyour piercing clean and disinfected, you might easily deal with aload of problems, some more serious than the others.

Inflammations and infections can causepain, extreme discomfort and pus secretion accompanied with swellingand redness. Then, you may need to have a surgical procedure done onyour ear in order to deal with the infection. Finally, your chancesof infection are greatly decreased if you are wearing good qualitypiercing jewelry. Gold, stainless steel and titanium are recommended,unless you are allergic to any of these.

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