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When people think about juices, they rarely think of vegetable juices, although this is starting to change too. Vegetable juices are very healthy and provide an excellent source of essential nutrients.

Tomato is technically a fruit, but people use it as a vegetable. Tomato juice is delicious and it is very healthy. This juice is recommended for people who suffer from different ailments, but it is also highly recommended for healthy people too.

Tomato juice health benefits

Several studies focused on tomatoes and have shown that they contain enzymes that prevent blood clotting. This is very important for people who are at risk of stroke. Tomato juice is an excellent source of an antioxidant called lycopene, which is actually more present in cooked than in fresh tomatoes. This antioxidant has been proven to reduce the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, atherosclerosis and coronary disease.

Tomato juice is an excellent source of vitamin C, calcium, potassium and carbohydrates. Vitamin A in this juice makes it a great way to prevent eye diseases like short sightedness, night blindness and others.

Tomato juice is low in calories and it has a negligible amount of fat. This makes it an excellent beverage for those who wish to lose weight. Tomato juice is also ideal for people who suffer from diabetes, because it regulates sugar levels in blood.

This juice can be used to cure motion sickness, nausea, hangover, flatulence, gastrointestinal problems, indigestion, joint pain, respiratory problems, and many more.

Home made tomato juice

It is always better to consume home made foods and juices, because that way one can be sure that the product is free of artificial additives, preservatives and similar. Making tomato juice at home is simple and there are two basic way to do it.

It is important to choose ripe tomatoes, and vine ripened ones are the best as they preserve the most of their valuable nutrients. It is also better to pick organic tomatoes, if possible.

One way to make a juice is to boil tomatoes in water until they are soft and to peel off their skin. Although tomato skin contains certain beneficial nutrients, it is often full of pesticides and it should be discarded just to be safe.

Boiled and peeled tomatoes should then be mashed or ground in a food processor or in a special food mill, if one is available. The mass should be strained to remove the seeds and then poured into non-reacting recipients or in glass bottles.

Raw tomato juice is made without boiling the tomatoes. They are simply ground in a food processor and strained.

Tomato juice can be used for cooking or making cocktails. Adding a little pepper and salt will improve greatly its already delicious taste, and it goes great with fresh basil or mint leaves.

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