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Out of all, the muscles spasms in the body, cramps in the foot outnumber them by far. They occur in people that are generally older and/or people who take part in sports.

What are Cramps in the Feet

The cramps can concern one particular muscle or a whole group of muscles and they can continue for only a couple of minutes to putting you in agony for a couple of days. Sometimes after experiencing a bad cramp in the foot you can be left with quite a sore pain in that area. The cramp is usually common in the arch of the foot and in the toes, especially in a large toe and can even go up to the calf.

Foot Cramps and their Causes

If someone has weakened muscles due to lack of exercise and/or obesity then they may be prone to foot cramps more. Also people who have flat feet or people who have suffered with an injury through a recurring action can also be candidates for foot cramps. If you overdo your work out regime or amplify your regime then again you can get a cramp in your foot. People that drink alcohol or smoke frequently will have less oxygen in their blood thus experience cramps in the feet. As well as that, another cause of foot cramps is if you have an electrolyte inequity which will affect you to have low calcium levels and potassium levels which leads directly to the spasms. The list of causes of foot cramps is longer than this. Some more reasons would be if you have a vitamin D shortage or if you do not drink enough fluid. Even having a hormone disparity can cause a cramp in your foot. If you are the unfortunate host to tendonitis and/or plantar fasciitis or even have aged worn-out footwear then you will also be a host to foot cramps. Another possibility of cramps in the feet can be directed to certain diseases like Huntington's disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, tetanus, Parkinson's disease and thyroid problems.

Home Remedies and Medicines for the Treatment of Foot Cramps

You need to relieve the tension that is in the muscle, try gently moving the leg and/or foot in the reverse direction to the cramp. Of course taking a form of painkiller can relieve the cramp as well as using an ice pack. A nice massage will always help improving your mood and getting rid of cramps.

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