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Plantar Warts

This problem can be very painful. It is produced by the viral infection and their elimination can sometimes prove to be a hard work. We will focus on their removal in the following text. They are located on the bottom area of the sole or foot. These lesions are small and caused by a virus named human papilloma virus. This virus also produces genital and oral carcinoma, cervical cancer and genital warts. The problem starts when this virus finds a crack in the skin and enters the body.

The plantar warts look like rounded protuberances with a black core. They can grow inwards or they can be flat. When they grow inwards, their surface looks flat and even. Try not to walk in moist and damp areas barefooted, since this increases the chances of coming in contact with the virus. Also, virus can be located in the locker rooms, swimming pools, showers and similar public locations. Be careful when having plantar wart, since it is contagious. Do not exchange items with other people.

Removal of Plantar Wart

As we have said earlier, the removal of the problem may be a tricky business, but it is possible. The treatments commonly used today will remove the problem but only for a limited amount of time. If you want to eliminate the problem completely, the treatment will have to be long and time consuming.

The most common way of treatment is with acid. Try using salicylic acid. Apply it once a day for four weeks and the problem should be eliminated. Use the acid as a patch or a solution. When doing this treatment, be careful when applying the acid, since if it comes in contact with the healthy skin, the skin may become irritated. Nail file or pumice stone can also be used. You can also remove the problem by putting the duck tape on the problematic area. The tape needs to stay on the location for five to six days. Then remove the tape and clean the area. Use nail file or pumice stone to take the layer of dead skin off. By repeating this treatment for six weeks, the plantar wart will be removed but in some cases two moths was needed for the results to appear.

When visit a doctor, he will perform laser surgery, immunotherapy or cryotherapy in order to eliminate the problem. Laser therapy burns the wart with lasers but sometimes the scars on the skin may appear. The use of cryotherapy is not very successful, since it cannot destroy the viruses in the deeper layers. Immunotherapy fights the problem by increasing the strength of the immune system. This is done by injecting antigen in the wart. This treatment may need to be repeated several times to produce results. The wart may appear to look as a corn or callus. So, it is best to see a doctor who will determine which problem is present. Physician is needed if the infection is spreading and the treatment is not working.

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