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High Blood Sugar Characteristics

There are many people in this world who suffer from high blood sugar, causing their health to deteriorate and triggering many possible complications. This conditions take place due to a malfunction in the performance of a hormone called insulin, which is supposed to keep the levels of sugar in our blood stable. Since this hormone sometimes fails to do this, we are bound to experience high blood sugar. Usually, people with high blood sugar suffer from diabetes, even though this does not necessarily have to be the case. However, if left untreated, high levels of sugar in one's blood are quite likely to lead to diabetes in the long run. Therefore, a person should monitor his/her blood sugar levels and keep track of their health in general, noticing any problems timely and taking care of them.

What Can High Blood Sugar Do to Us?

Some of the most common symptoms of elevated blood sugar levels manifest on one's everyday activities, making these much more complicated to perform. One of these is constant tiredness, which troubles one quite strongly, making it hard for him/her to function properly, being weak and sleepy most of the time, even after a good night sleep and lack of physical strain. Another common byproduct of high blood sugar levels is frequent urination. This phenomenon causes a person to lose a lot of fluids, leading to dehydration, even though he/she drinks more than enough water during the day. Therefore, dry mouth and thirst, combined with the above mentioned fatigue, all are clear signs of high blood sugar levels. Finally, headaches and dry skin present additional initial symptoms of this health problem.

We have already noted that regulating your blood sugar timely is a must. However, if one fails to do so, and neglects this bodily problem, the symptoms are bound to escalate, becoming far more severe. Neglected diabetes can attack a person's eyes, causing visual problems. Additionally, one's immune system is seriously jeopardized in this case. Thus, one might easily develop some more serious conditions, since his/her system cannot fight various infections and other attacks on his/her body.

Finally, nerve and kidney damage, cardiovascular problems and arteriosclerosis are some of the worst case scenarios, all caused by high blood sugar levels. There are plenty more problems related to this health condition. Therefore, you need to take it seriously and have yourself treated since, by allowing high blood sugar to affect your health, you are risking your organs and bones, as well as your mental health, possibly paying the price with death or a development of some kind of a terminal illness.

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