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Dark circles - definition

If you happen to have the problem with dark circles around your eyes, this article might be of help. If one were to interview people why they think those circles appear, they would probably mention deprivation of sleep. However, that is not the sole culprit. Perhaps surprisingly, deprivation of sleep isn’t that much linked with the problem this article is addressing. Although this medical condition is caused by various things, the problem can be efficiently helped.

The kind of life many of us life nowadays can easily provoke occurrence of dark circles. With around 50% of the people suffering from this problem, this is one very common medical issue. Among the causes we have insufficiently long sleep, as well as improper nourishment. And in some cases genetics are to blame.

Yes, you can do something about it

Although none of the measures can rid the patient of the circles with total efficiency, people are advised to try out some simple medications and remedies to diminish the problem. What the patient should try first is getting enough of sleep at night. Also, proper nourishment will probably yield positive results. There are some cosmetic products that supposedly can rid you of the problem, but beware of the potential swelling in the area they might induce.

Suggested remedies

Be prepared to be patient with the treatment. The patient is advised to try different homemade formulas and techniques. Make sure to get enough sleep at night. Try to sleep for at least eight hours, since that is the amount of sleep that allows a grownup to regenerate properly. Take in enough liquids. Water is recommended first and foremost, and try to take in not less than 2 liters per day.

Do your best to eat healthily. Consume milk products, green and leafy vegetables, and of course lots of fruit. Go for the foods that contain abundance of iron, as it can help you with the problem of dark circles if it is caused by iron deficiency.

What you can put directly on the affected skin to help improve the condition is potato juice. Take a cotton pad soaked in the juice and leave it on your eyelids for around 20 minutes or more.

You can also take grated cucumber that you administer the same way as tomato juice. Refreshing tea water in form of ice cubes can be very beneficial, with its combination of natural remedies and cooling temperature. Or you can make a blend of milk powder and honey, which you apply on your eyelids for a comfortable period of time.

Try some or all of the aforementioned measures and your efforts surely won’t fail. Find the one or ones that are the most suitable for you personally, and remember to be persistent.

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