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For all thosedesiring and longing for a bronze like tan at an affordable price, there are just but two words – self-tanning. In case the present financialsituation limits you in visiting those tanning salons on a regular basis, thebest way to compensate for this is by paying a visit to the drugstore nearestto you and purchasing one of the tanning products from such famous brand namesas Neutrogena or L’Oreal. In case a person’s budget is slightly richer, then s/heshould definitely go for Sephora, which has to offer a self-tanning productscollection and a friendly staff to help you on your way to a bronze like tan. One important fact though, a person should notbe overtly unrealistic for a darker shade, for otherwise naturally pale skinwill most definitely look too artificial. Therefore, in order to avoid this, aperson should be moderate, i.e. embrace the sun-kissed philosophy instead ofthe sun-washed one.

Pre-tanning phase andexfoliation

In the preparationphase, it is highly important to go and look for a proper exfoliant such assugar scrubs, which are most suitable for the people with sensitive skin. Saltscrubs are proper for the people whose skin is not that sensitive and much moreresilient on the outside. Once this done, a person should exfoliate her/hisentire skin, keeping it free of any other products and as fresh and dry aspossible. Also, it is important to remove all the jewelry a person might bewearing at that particular moment.

Tanning phase

Another crucial thingis the manner in which the tanning is performed. Namely, it should be done asslowly as possible, for self-tanning is not something that can be done in amatter of seconds, i.e. if one wishes to actually see any results. In thisregard, creams and mousses are regarded as the best possible means. The productof choice should also be in a color different from the skin color, for thisway, a person will be able to see which of the areas are still uncovered. One ofthe recommended products is the mousse manufactured by St. Tropez, which has aglow to it. In addition, another in the line of the ones proven to be effectiveis the Clinique’s Self-Sun Body-Tinted Lotion.

What should notdiscourage people is the fact that, during the first post-tan shower, some ofthe color is going to wash off. Therefore, it is important to read thoroughlythe label, since in most cases; a person is required to wait at least for sixhours before hitting the shower.

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