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Eczema is the medical term used for naming the skin disease manifested as the appearance of the red and itching lesions filled with fluid which can also become crusted and start to scale. This term is, actually, the name for the group of the skin problems which are all characterized by the inflammatory process on the skin (medically called dermatitis) and by redness, itch and the irritation in general. This is a chronic ailment and it has not yet been fully explained, concerning the issue of the possible provokers of this skin problem, but the most important fact is that it is neither dangerous, nor contagious condition.

So, having in mind that the most prominent and annoying associating problem of eczema is the itch, one should pay special attention to it. That is, one must be aware of the fact that the act of scratching will worsen the problem a lot. For example, the usual inevitable consequence is the production of pus and the permanently damaged skin texture.

Besides avoiding the scratching of the red spots, one must also stay away from the possible provokers of the eczema, of course, if they are discovered previously.

The treatment

Since, the direct cause of eczema almost always remains unknown, the only thing that could be done is to try lessening the symptoms. There are some cosmetic products focused on minimizing the unbearable itch and on lessening the intensity of the allergic reaction. For the same purpose, the creams based on the Hydrocortisone should be applied directly over the affected surfaces.

When it comes to suppressing the eczema in general, there are a lot of the recommended homemade remedies and useful advices. In fact, as already explained, for dealing with the prominent and annoying signs of eczema, one of the most popular tips is to bathe for only ten minutes in the water in which only a half of the glass of bleach is diluted, because the bleach annihilates bacteria.

It is also important to remember that after every bath or shower the humidity of the skin must be saved by applying the moisturizing lotions, and the best effect will be achieved if this is done immediately after taking a bath. And, in order to obtain even better effect, one could additionally put on the wet pads or clothes over the affected areas, but after applying the medication and the humidifier. One should also cover the wraps with the dry clothes. At this point, it is good to emphasize that one shouldn’t spend more than one quarter of an hour bathing, that the water shouldn’t be either too hot, or too cold, and that one shouldn’t rub the skin with anything.

And, finally, it is important to point out that the medical advice is necessary to be sought in the case of any stage of eczema.

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