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In the following text, we will talk about the tanning bedsand the reasons why they have grown so popular in recent times.


Tanning is the main reason why people go to tanning beds. They provide thecustomer with whole body coverage and even tan on all regions of the body. Butthere are some problems associated with tanning beds, since they may bedangerous for the eyes and the skin. The first use of these beds comes from the1970s, and these beds involved the use of ultraviolet radiation via fluorescentlamps. We will see some information on this issue in the following lines. Skincancer called melanoma is a risk when you go to tanning beds due to the exposureto the UVA, which most beds use. Tanning beds will also promoteaging of the skin. Corneal infection, conjunctivitis, retinal damage and someother eye problems are associated with the use of tanning beds. Teen use hasbeen regulated in most of the American stated, but the fact is that it is not conducted asit should be, and it involves only half of the States.


There are fake tans available and they are safer than the tanning beds. We willlist several options to take in consideration if you find tanning beds toodangerous. Spray tans use chemicals applied on the skin and when itdries of, the skin is tanned. They last from 4 to 10 days but may cause someskin irritation because they use mixture of chemicals. Also, you need to knowthat you will still be prone to sunburn after this treatment. Next are tintedlotions, which can be used at your home. They provide different resultsdepending on the skin tone and texture. This alternative is very easy and cheap.

Repair of The Damaged Skin

If you visit tanning beds and your skin suffers certain damage, there is a wayto repair this damage. We will give you a few tricks you can use if this happensto you. The dry and hot skin first needs to be soothed and this you can do withAloe Vera or oil-free lotion, which will make the skin moist. Use a night creamor moisturizer regularly and never skip areas such as neck and face. SPF of 15must be used when makeup is concerned and during the day, you should applysunscreen for protection. Know that the time from 10 AM to 4PM is when the sun burnsat best.

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