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Information on Blackheads

Blackheads are tiny black spots on the skin triggered byplugs of sebum and sloughed off cells in the skin pore openings. Blackheadsusually appear on the face but they can also appear on the other parts of thebody as well. The treatment for blackheads requires a facial scrub two timesper day. One can also see the first results after a few months.

Blackheadextractor can remove all blackheads instantly. Professional beauticians anddermatologists use blackhead extractors all the time and a person does not needto consult a professional or be trained in order to use such instrument. It isvery simple and it can be used by anyone, at their own homes.

Causes of Blackheads

When the skin produces excessive amounts of oil it leads tothe formation of blackheads. Puberty is a period in every person’s life where theskin produces too much oil and inevitable causes the appearance of blackheads.A byproduct known by the name of dihydrotestosterone disturbs the balance ofthe hormones and the oil glands become overactive so they produce too much oil.The oil clogs the skin pores and it causes the development of blackheads.

Deadskin cells can also sometimes get accumulated in the skin pores. It also maylead to clogging of the pores and the buildup of oil. It is another situationwhich may lead to the development of blackheads. The development of blackheadscan also be associated with excessive amounts of makeup, foundations, sunscreens, moisturizes and all similar skin care and other products.

Whateverproduct or makeup a person puts on the face during daytime should always beremoved before bedtime because the skin needs to be perfectly clean. It is alsoimportant not to cleanse or scrub the skin too much as it may lead toirritation and certain types of skin anomalies. Skin still needs small amountsof oil in order to maintain its proper health.

How to use Blackhead Extractor

It needs to be soaked in Isopropyl alcohol and left in therefor about half an hour. After than it needs to be dried and wiped with a cottonbowl. Some more cotton bowl should be soaked in Isopropyl alcohol as well.

Thepores need to be opened by applying antimicrobial soap and hot water. Washingthe hands and wiping the face and the hands with clean tissues is a must. Thehole of the extractor needs to be pushed firmly over each blackhead in order topick them all off the skin. The affected areas need to be dabbed with thealcohol soaked cotton balls in order to prevent infections. The face needs tobe washed again afterwards.

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