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Nowadays, there are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from various skin conditions and disorders. One such problem is a blackhead or an open comedo. All people know that a blackhead is actually a small black or yellowish bump that can be seen on the skin. Just like pimples, for instance, blackheads are classified under acne vulgaris. Blackheads usually appear when a person has too much oil secreted by the sebaceous glands. Blackheads usually occur on the nose area or on the cheeks close to the nose. A person who has blackheads is always looking for some way to destroy them. A lot of people know that one such treatment is using pore strips for blackheads. These pore strips for blackheads are actually white strips not big in size, rectangular in shape and are used for the removal of blackheads.

What are pore strips for blackheads?

These strips are not like ordinary strips. Pore strips for the removal of blackheads are specially designed to remove the excessive oil and sebum on the skin. In addition to this, the strips will remove the already existing blackheads. A person can place these strips on the nose, chin, forehead or any other part of the body. On one side of the strip there is glue which binds the dirt and sebum on the skin. When the strip dries out and a person removes it, he or she will also remove the blackheads and oil along with the strip.

How to use pore strips for blackheads?

Before placing a pore strip, a person should thoroughly clean the nose. The pores should be open and the skin should be slightly softer right before placing a pore strip. A person can achieve this with a simple hot bath or even a steam bath. A nose should also be wet before placing the strip. The wetness is important for the removal of blackheads. A person should wait for about quarter of an hour before peeling it off. When the strip is off, a person should wash the face properly and then cleanse it.

However, people need to know that these pore strips should not be used more than once in a period of three days. Experts agree that a person should use a strip only once per week. A person may experience certain side effects if he or she uses the strip more than it is supposed to.

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