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The human body produces many amino acids. One of them is the creatine and this amino acid has the role to store energy in the muscle. Although this amino acid is naturally produced in our bodies, many body builders take extra amounts of this acid in order to build their muscles and enlarge them. They take the additional amount of creatine through supplements. Every person who decides to take creatine should study this supplement very well in order to get the best of it. It is very important to know how and when this supplement is best to be consumed.

Tips for creatine usage

Although the opinions about the best time of taking this supplement are divided, a large number of professional trainers state that creatine should be used after the workout because then it is the most powerful. They defend their opinion claiming that the muscles are “thirsty” after the strenuous exercises and due to that, they will absorb any nutrient better, including creatine. However, there are number of trainers who think that the best time for taking creatine is an hour before the workout. They defend their theory by claiming that the body thus has the access to the supplement right away after the workout. There have been researches on what time is the best and the answer was not found. Therefore, every person has to decide alone when to take creatine.

However, it is proven that creatine should be used first in the morning, as well as in the days when one does not exercise. Creatine is better absorbed when it is mixed with juice, than when it is mixed with water. Sweet grape juice is the best recommended. The daily dosage of this supplement should be about 5 grams. It is not necessary to take larger doses because the body can only absorb this amount and the rest is expelled from the body.

There are any creatine supplements on the market and one should try to choose the best. And the best creatine supplement is, expectedly, the original. The most effective creatine supplement is creatine monohydrate powder. It is believed that powder is more potent than pills and liquids. When one takes this supplement, he/she should avoid large amounts of water, alcohol and caffeine, because they are potent diuretics that tend to pull the water and creatine out of the muscles. It is also important to take creatine right away after mixing it. Otherwise, it can dissolve in the liquid.

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