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Bulk up

One of the surest ways to bulk up your muscles is, with a healthy and appropriate diet combined, with a specially tailored exercise program that will that will shape your muscles the way you want them. To enhance the body building process one can employ the use of special supplements. But one has to find out which supplements will work the best. By choosing exactly the right supplement, a person will not only achieve the desired results faster, but also will not bring his/her overall health in question.

The best among the best

There is quite a number of different supplements available on the market today. They serve different purposes, so one should be well informed before selecting any of them. The most effective supplements that facilitate and boost the building of muscles are divided in following groups:

Amino acid muscle building supplements such as the Max Muscle’s Amino Max, Ajinomoto’s Amino Vital, Sport’s Nutrition Fast Grow Amino Stack, APS’s Mesomorph are considered to be the best from this bunch. Glutamine muscle building supplements that deserve special mention are such as AST’s GL3 (speed up muscle recovery process, enhances hardness of the muscles), Prosource’s Glutamine, Muscle Max’s Max Glutamine (facilitate growth of muscles, improve the functioning of the immune system), Country Life’s L Glutamine Caps. Branched chain amino acids (or BCAA for short, and perhaps more familiar in bodybuilding circles) like Prosource Mega BCAA (one of the most favored for its miraculous effect – to be taken between daily meals and also once the training session is finished), Optimum BCAA 1000 Caps (increases nitrogen retention and sparing the rest of the amino acid groups, which results in faster muscle recuperation and repair), Optimum BCAA 5000 powder (regarded as even more effective than the capsules), Body Fortress Super BCAA 2200 (it does tend to get a bit mixed pros and cons opinions, but is on the overall regarded as quite a good and helpful supplement)

For whichever of the above mentioned supplements you opt for, rest assured that, with adherence to instructions, you will achieve your goals with much less effort and in good time.

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