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Supplements have become everyday thing, and many of us use them regularly. However, you should know which and when to use, and also, what is essential and what can be left out. There are so many supplemental products these days and every day there seems to be another new supplement on the market. On the Internet, you may find reviews of commonly used supplements and experiences of other people using them that you might find interesting and very helpful as well.

Basic Supplements - What You Need

You don’t need much money and about $50 per month is all you need to spend on some basic foundational supplements. These are multivitamins and essential fatty acid (EFA) complex. Multivitamins will prevent any vitamin deficiency caused by your diet or the quality of food you eat. Also, they will provide vitamins necessary for optimal daily performance, too. EFA complex will boost up your metabolism and protect your heart. These can also be provided by eating plenty of fish.

Additional and Experimental Supplements

Muscle building supplements usually include whey protein and/or creatine. Bodybuilders frequently use protein shakes, usually after the strenuous exercise and also in the morning. These are not basic supplements, and you don’t have to use them, but as an insurance you are taking enough proteins, you can try some of those. Creatine is claimed to improve the performance of athletes who have been using it. Other supplemental choices might include beta alanine, casein, glutamine or some other proteins. Beta alanine is also highly appreciated among people using supplements, and sometimes even combined with creatine. Casein is a type of protein that needs time to be processed. Instead of using supplements, eat some cottage cheese, which contain casein. Glutamine is frequently talked about these days, but there are very few studies relevant for bodybuilders. Because of that it’s not easy to determine the value of glutamine supplements. These are something still new to bodybuilders, but some people using them had positive reactions. As experimental supplements, many consider branch chain amino acids (BCAAs), CLA and caffeine. BCAAs are claimed to give great results if used before intense workout. They are used on their own combined with creatine and used as a mix. People using BCAAs claim that they have been researched thoroughly enough to be effective and improve performance. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is sometimes used as weight loss supplement, while caffeine is much frequently found in bodybuilders’ backpacks for the same reason.

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