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Creatine is a very popular nutritional supplement thatincreases muscle mass, power and strength, and is used while indulging insports that require quickness and short-burst power and do not influence theendurance. Its main ingredient is called creatine monohydrate. Creatine is alsoan important part of many nutritional supplements used by bodybuilders.

Creatine is a type of amino acid and can be found in commonfoods containing proteins. It supplies energy to nerves and muscles since it isa naturally occurring substance and a vital component in developing muscles mass during bodybuilding. One can also burn fat quickly by ingestingcreatine since it preserves and builds the muscles.

Creatine usually comes as powder or in pill form. Thepowder has no odor and is very hard to dissolve in liquids, so if taken as apowder in liquid, one should stir and drink quickly. It’s better to take it inpowder form before a workout because the pill version is a lot slower inreleasing the monohydrate into the bloodstream.

Creatine is an organic acid which occurs naturally and canbe found in the skeletal muscle structure of all mammals. It does not requirenutritional supplements or red meat and fish to be ingested. An increasedamount of creatine in the body leads to the increase of muscle hydration and araised lean body mass of up to 10 pounds.

Creatine creates something that be called a reservoir ofenergy and it comes from phosphocreatine stored and built up in themuscles, so the body can use the stored energy for intense exercises. After an intense workout, the entire body, including the muscles, must heal and growand prepare for the next round of workouts. It is best for the muscles to growin a hydrated environment, created largely due to creatine which also enhancesthe synthesis of protein and growth.

Creatine should not be mixed with alcohol since it ruins theresults of the creatine supplement, because alcohol dehydrates the entire body. Anykind of activity that causes moderate to severe dehydration should be avoidedwhen taking creatine supplements. All controversy surrounding the creatine is related to its loading phase. Moderate amounts of creatine are safe and one should notingest too much since it can create a toxic body environment.

Some cheapercreatine products can be contaminated since they may include heavy metals andit is strongly suggested that one should avoid such products.

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