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There are many types and kinds of supplements that can help you to build up your muscles. Market is full of commercials for those kinds of supplements, but they are not all recommendable. So before you star to use them, it would be best for you to consult some specialist in that area for recommendations.


Glutamine is amino acid and much like the creatine it is essential in muscle cells enlargement process. You body loses glutamine faster and quicker that any other amino acid during workouts, and your muscles are made mostly of glutamines, and this is why, it is so important to have your daily intake of them. In order to build up your muscles more quickly and speed up your body’s recovery you should use Glutamine daily, and it would also helps your body to regularly produce hormones needed for muscle build up.


Creatine monohydrate gives your body energy much needed to do your daily workouts and also enables you to endure prolonged periods of physical strain. Creatine actually pulls water into your muscles, and by doing them it enlarges the muscles, so your muscles will grow bigger from Creatine even if you do not work out, but of course for the best results it is recommended to do both.


Glycerol is also known as glycerin, and it is an organic compound that makes the chemical composition in the body of lipids and triglycerides. It has the ability to bind to itself large amounts of water, which then draw into the muscles and prevents dehydration, especially in the times of excessive physical strains. You will need Glycerol in the daily amounts of 10-30 grams, together with 20 oz of water, and it is recommended that you take the Glycerol one hour before your workout.


Taurine is important amino acids which helps the organs in the body that produces large amount of energy during workouts, like heart. Taurine has a unique recycling effect on calcium, thus enabling you to train more and harder. It can also increase the ability of the muscles to contract more forcefully. You should have between one and three grams of Taurine before and after your workouts.

Waxy Maze

Waxy maize has a high molecular weight and it is a modified corn starch that moves very quickly through the intestines and bowels, right into muscle cells. It is an excellent post workout source of carbohydrates recovery, and it also draws nutricients and water into muscles, thus creating bigger volume of them.

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