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Oftentimes, when people want to change something in their lives, they start from their hair. This often means changing the hair color, and hair lightening is always very popular. However, this can be quite expensive and also harmful for the hair, especially if done in a hair salon using harsh hair colors and bleaches. There are much simpler and cheaper ways to make the hair lighter and to keep it healthy at the same time.

Using hair lighteners

There are cosmetic products called lighteners that are less harmful that the actual hair dye or bleach, and they can have a very nice effect on the hair. They are also much cheaper. Everyone can apply them at home, using an appropriate brush, a comb and a mirror. The lightener first needs to be applied on the roots and left there for a specific period of time, as indicated on the package. Only after that time it is allowed to apply it to the rest of the hair. If the lightener is left on the hair for too long, it will damage it, make it dry, brittle and dull, which is one of the greatest risks in any coloring method.

Sun-kissed look is very popular today, mostly because it looks very natural. In order to achieve this look it is recommended to use the dye that is only one or two shades lighter than the natural hair.

Those who want to obtain a color that is much lighter than their natural hair tone may need to do it gradually, otherwise they risk ending up with horrible looking yellow, burned hair. For example, a brunette should first go for a caramel look, and then, after a month or two, during which hair conditioners, proteins and protective oils are used abundantly, it is allowed to use a much lighter hair dye.

Natural ways to lighten the hair

Of course, those who take pride in their long, shiny and healthy hair always try to avoid chemical products such as colors, lighteners and bleaches. There is a number of solutions for them too. For example, exposure to sunlight is one of the best ways to naturally lighten the hair. Hair can also be lightened using plain tea, black or green. This, however, requires some patience, as it takes some time to see the results. It is done by applying large amounts of brewed tea all over the hair or just on the desired parts of it, and by leaving it on for 20 minutes before shampooing. For best results, it is recommended to repeat this before every shampooing, until the desired shade is achieved.

Chamomile flowers brewed as tea is another traditional way to lighten the hair, and it works great especially on the hair that is not really very dark. Dark blond or light brown hair can also be lightened using lime or lemon juice.

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